Get Ready for Fall 2023 Marketing

August 15, 2023

Posted By: Sherrie Brindley

As we approach the fall 2023 season, it’s time to review your marketing plans for opportunities to attract and engage your target audience. Start with the basics. Add the colors and themes of fall in your marketing materials; orange, red, yellow, and rustic browns. Incorporate images of falling leaves, pumpkins, and cozy sweaters to create... Read More

Keep Customers Coming Back with a Birthday Club

March 01, 2023

Posted By: Sherrie Brindley

Bring Customers Back Year After Year with a Birthday Club Everyone loves to be celebrated on their special day. The PISTn birthday club feature, included with your PISTn website system, makes it easy to show your customers how much you value them. The best part is, while you are treating your customers to a small... Read More

Why All Websites are Not Created Equal

February 04, 2023

Posted By: Sherrie Brindley

Why All Websites are Not Created Equal Professional website design offers you a range of conveniences and features that you simply can’t get from every provider. If you’re a business owner, you shouldn’t try to build your own business website. Even some “professional” website creators may not have the specialty knowledge of your industry. It... Read More

Why Use SMS Texting with Email Marketing?

August 19, 2022

Posted By: Sherrie Brindley

Why Use SMS Texting with Email Marketing? Keep your customers motivated, and continually attract new ones, by combining the two most direct communication methods in your marketing toolbox—email and text marketing. Undivided attention is hard to come by these days, but texts and email get your messages through in a memorable, activating way. Provided that... Read More

How Are People Finding Your Business?

July 12, 2022

Posted By: Sherrie Brindley

Your Website is the Portal Whether you run an automotive business, locksmith, landscaping, or other professional services, you need people to find your business. Your website is the portal. When your phone rings or your email dings, it’s likely that the customer on the other end has found your business through your website. At least,... Read More

“Your News” Articles: Are You Making the Most of Your Website?

January 03, 2022

Posted By: Sherrie Brindley

Are You Making the Most of Your Website? Sharing short news updates about your business on your website is a great way to keep customers engaged and thinking about you. Your website is the only real estate on the internet where you have total control. You can use that space to promote your business with... Read More

4 Reasons to Use Memes in Your Digital Marketing

November 19, 2021

Posted By: Sherrie Brindley

4 Reasons to Use Memes in Your Digital Marketing Memes have become ubiquitous in digital marketing campaigns. No matter where you go—your email inbox, social media sites, and even online forums—memes are always present. And for good reason. Memes are readily available and are a quick way to evoke a reaction from the audience. What... Read More

Content marketing trends for 2019

January 07, 2019

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

If there is one overriding trend for social media marketing in 2019, it will be the necessity to plan. Social media platforms are not new, obviously, and those who use them to establish or build their brand are experienced and purposeful. The days of throwing posts on to the proverbial wall to see what sticks... Read More

Five content marketing myths

April 07, 2018

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

Content marketing can be effective if you do it properly. Just like many other forms of advertising, publishing any content to a targeted online audience can be a hit-or-miss proposition. There are plenty of theories on what works and what doesn’t—and plenty of companies out there willing to charge you an arm and a leg... Read More