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Your Website is the Portal

Whether you run an automotive business, locksmith, landscaping, or other professional services, you need people to find your business. Your website is the portal. When your phone rings or your email dings, it’s likely that the customer on the other end has found your business through your website. At least, this is the way it’s supposed to work.

Businesses that fail to market their website effectively likely don’t understand how people typically find businesses online. This is a guide to illuminate the search process that your potential customers are conducting.

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Google My Business

Google My Business is ideal for businesses with a brick and mortar presence, such as automotive services, but it’s also great for service-oriented businesses, such as transportation services, locksmiths, landscapers and similar.

Because it exists as an extension of the world’s most-used search engine, it’s a powerful tool for driving people to your website. Once there, your website content and other online tools will help convert them into paying customers.

Businesses that Fail to market effectively

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing includes things like email marketing, promotions, coupons and paid advertising. When your digital marketing company practices these services for your business, they first analyze your target market in order to develop the right kind of content. The process can be compared to fishing. Smart fishermen use the right bait for the place where they are fishing. They lure the fish and hook them. Then they play the line just right to bring the fish onto shore.

That’s what lead nurturing is like. The marketing company determines the right content (the bait), lures the fish (promise of being able to solve the customer’s problems, then hooks them (by exceeding expectations). In fairness, the exceeding expectations part is the responsibility of the business, not the marking company. But you get the picture.

lead nurturing is like fishing

Organic Search Results

Organic search results refer to the search results that appear when a person types in the keywords they can think of when they need a product or service. For example, if a person has a car with a muffler that needs replacing, they might type in, “muffler repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC,” or “best muffler replacement.”

Now, if you have an SEO (search engine optimized) website, then you’ll have these keywords in strategic places, in the right quantity on your website. Then your business will appear, and the potential customer will click on your site and see if you offer what they need. Because SEO is so complex, it takes an expert SEO team to help ensure that your site is one of the top results.

These are the three main ways that people are finding your business. And if you feel that your website traffic is not getting the kind of results you deserve, it’s likely that you need a digital marketing company to help get you there. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help people find your business.