It was truly a pleasure to reconnect with everyone at the Tuffy Dealer Meeting this week! Seeing familiar faces and engaging in insightful discussions about industry trends was invigorating. We hope you share our excitement about our latest offerings: Spin to Win and our new Appointments upgrades.

spin to win

Spin To Win

Spin to Win promises to boost customer engagement. With its interactive and gamified approach, we believe it will enhance customer satisfaction and drive brand loyalty and retention. We can't wait to roll out this exciting feature and witness its impact firsthand.


Additionally, our new Appointments upgrades are designed to streamline and optimize scheduling processes for both your team and your clients.

Get Spin to Win and Appointments for Your Shop

We are confident that the Spin to Win and Appointments enhancements will bring immense value to your business. We look forward to integrating these new services into your system.

Reach out to us in the coming days to talk specifics about how these new upgrades can be implemented at your shop!


Take advantage of our expertise to make the most out of your digital marketing efforts. We are happy to schedule an appointment to get you set up with the new digital marketing features.

Email us today or call Sherrie at 734.740.0606.

Kevin Steeland PISTn CEO

Kevin Steeland PISTn CEO



Digital marketing is always evolving. It's gotten to the point where it can quickly become a full-time job. This is problematic if you already have a business to run. That's why it's important to find the right partner to meet your needs - PISTn can help you to achieve the highest return on investment possible.

To receive more information on the full list of PISTN's Digital Marketing Services, contact Kevin at 800-742-4511 ext. 101 or [email protected].