Hey there, savvy shop owners!

It's time to rev up your engines, dive into your PISTn Content Manager and update your CRM offers.

The days of $14.99 oil changes are as long gone as $1.35 STP, but some shops still have these coupons selected in the system. Is yours one? Don’t find out the hard way – when a customer walks in your door with one.

Vintage STP Ad

Dust off those login credentials, fire up your content manager, and start exploring the hundreds of offer available to you. And hey, if you find yourself scratching your head or staring blankly at the screen, don't hesitate to reach out to your trusty PISTn rep for a helping hand.

Your CRM Service lets you send four types of follow-up emails and text messages with offers to keep those customers coming back:

  • Thank You
  • Declined Services
  • Oil Change Reminder
  • “Lost” Customer (hasn’t been in for 6 months)


Thank You Offers

Remember those "Thank You" offers? Well, they're not just a token of appreciation. A sweet discount on their next visit goes a long way in building loyalty and keeping those wheels turning back to your shop.

Oil Change Offers

And let's not forget about those oil change offers – sure, they're a staple, but why settle for the standard when you can offer something truly irresistible? Upgrade to a deluxe oil change package or throw in a free inspection while you're at it. Trust us, your customers will thank you later.

Declined Services Offers

But wait, there's more! Ever had a customer walk out the door without getting that extra service they desperately needed? It happens to the best of us. That's where the "Declined Services Offers" come into play. Remind your customers of those neglected repairs with a tempting deal they just can't refuse.

"Lost" Customer Offers

And for those lost souls who've strayed from your shop's warm embrace, fear not – the "Lost" Customer Offers are here to reel them back in. With exclusive discounts and special perks, you'll have them flocking back to your shop in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? Don't let those offers gather dust in your content manager any longer. Dive in, explore, and if you find yourself in need of a little assistance with this process, or need to sign up for CRM Service don't hesitate to reach out to your PISTn rep for support.