PISTn’s Data Driven AI Smart CRM/OEM Programs

It's an exciting time in the digital marketing world and changes have been coming at us quickly. To keep our customers up to speed on the latest developments, we're sharing some exciting updates to our Smart CRM/Smart OEM program featuring AI technology. Be sure to read to the end to see how you can get EARLY ACCESS to our NEW SPIN TO WIN Feature!


Data Driven AI

PISTn uses Data Driven AI to analyze customer data from your POS system as well as data from your Local PISTn Website. Customer emails and text sign-ups for each customer are used to analyze driving patterns, past and current visits, mileage, spend, and a number of other data points to generate timely and effective messaging and drive car count.

Customer Relationship Management CRM

NEW Programs

Another exciting development is the integratation of Data Driven AI  into our Text Messaging program. Here’s what that looks like for you:

Monthly Text Specials (specials sent monthly to your subscribers)

Thank You Texts Asking for A Review (customer receives a thank you text after service) - NEW PROGRAM

CRM/OEM Text Messages (reminders for Oil Change/Declines, Inactive and Mfg. Recommended Services) - NEW PROGRAM

Texting Appointment Reminders - NEW PROGRAM

Spin to Win - COMING SOON!


Here's an Intro for Each Program

40k from inactive customers

Text Messaging Integration

The PISTn system continues to use Data Driven AI to evaluate and integrate all your text messages into a unified marketing program. Our system ensures that the most important messages reach your customer without overlap. These include appointment reminders, request for reviews and offers that will help increase your car count.

Spin to Win


Your marketing programs are only as good as the data you collect! Do you need help getting more emails from your customers? Our new digital “Spin To Win” program can be added to your website and in-store promotions. It is a fun way to get customers to share their email addresses.  Customers can spin a digital wheel to win promotions you select, like $10 OFF any oil change, $20 OFF Service etc. The customer emails will be added to your Database and integrated for future messaging on all your PISTn programs.

90 days 110 k

Smart CRM and Smart OEM

We named these programs Smart CRM & Smart OEM when we introduced them over a decade ago. They are “Smart” because we use customer data pulled from your POS systems daily to generate the most valuable messaging to your customers.  Our CTO (Chief Technology Officer) has been on the cutting edge of AI even before it was a buzzword.

Our entire platform is integrated; from your Local Website, to your Smart CRM and Smart OEM programs, monthly e-blasts, text messages, quotes and appointments. We make sure the messages you send are consistent, true to brand and share the same offers that you have selected.

postcard conversion 20%


Most shops can't afford to send postcards to every customer, So we make sure  postcards you send end up in the hands of the customers that will bring the highest ROI. Our Smart CRM and OEM Postcard Program uses Data Driven AI to evaluate customer data to determine which customers present the biggest opportunities. We evaluate everything:

• Number of declined services,
• Which services were declined
• Invoice totals
• How many visits were made to your shop

Get Early Access to Spin-to-Win!

Clients who subscribe to our Smart CRM and Smart OEM Services get special pricing and early access to the Spin to Win program. Our Smart Systems are more than just a fancy dashboard. Sign up today and put the power of Data Driven AI to work in your marketing.

Want to learn more about Smart CRM/ Smart OEm and Early access to Spin to Win? Give me a call (248) 212-3213 or email me and I can help you get these programs up and running.


Kevin Steeland PISTn CEO