4 Reasons to Use Memes in Your Digital Marketing

Memes have become ubiquitous in digital marketing campaigns. No matter where you go—your email inbox, social media sites, and even online forums—memes are always present. And for good reason. Memes are readily available and are a quick way to evoke a reaction from the audience.

Meme Marketing

What is a Meme?

A meme is a visual image or short video that is taken from popular culture. Typically, a meme is an image that is overlaid with text that’s relevant to the situation where it’s going to be used. In video form, memes are almost always GIFS, short videos that are also taken from popular culture. Memes are a global phenomenon that are found in almost every country online. They have earned a solid place in digital marketing. Here are four reasons to use memes in your marketing campaigns.

1. Memes Enhance Audience Engagement In Small Business Marketing

It only takes a second or two for your audience to view your still image or video meme. Yes, in those couple of seconds, you have engaged the audience and communicated much more than you could otherwise. Memes are the epitome of the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” You might have trouble getting your audience to read a thousand word piece of content, but they’ll always engage with a good meme.

Oil Change Meme


2. Using Memes In Digital Marketing to Evoke Emotional Response

One of the hallmarks of good content that people want to share is when it evokes some kind of emotional response. Memes easily enable marketers to elicit emotions; whether humor, anger, outrage, awe or something else. These emotions help the audience to remember the brand.

Baby Meme

3. Memes in Advertising Make People Feel “In” on the Joke

As stated earlier, memes are derived from popular culture. Almost anyone who pays attention to popular culture will be able to place the derivation of a meme such as the “angry baby” meme or the “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up meme.” There are thousands of other, easily recognizable memes that have been created. But when you use one of these memes in a relatable way, it makes your audience feel like they’re “in” on the joke, like they are part of the “cool” crowd. This makes people feel good and empowered, and they will project that positive feeling to the brand.

change oil meme

4. Memes Are a Great Way to Show Small Business Brand Personality

Memes let you easily express your brand’s personality, whether it’s a little self-deprecating, ironic or serious. With just a simple meme and an appropriate caption, you can encapsulate everything you want your audience to know about your brand.

Memes are great for all of these reasons, but they need to be carefully curated and captioned for the best effect.



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