Why All Websites are Not Created Equal

Professional website design offers you a range of conveniences and features that you simply can’t get from every provider. If you’re a business owner, you shouldn’t try to build your own business website. Even some "professional" website creators may not have the specialty knowledge of your industry. It matters who creates your website because not all websites are created equal.

Here are 4 Reasons Why:

time it takes to create a website

1. Quality Website Design Takes More Than Five Minutes

Don’t be lured in by the song of the siren saying you can create a business site in five minutes. Yes, you might be able to churn out something quickly using a DIY website platform. But if you want something that doesn’t look like your neighbor made it from a simple template box, or if you actually want customers to find your site, it takes more than a few minutes. It takes a professional website builder.

2. Maintenance is Ongoing

Anyone who has ever built a website can tell you that maintenance is ongoing. Once the website is complete, that’s only the beginning. From there, the site needs consistent monitoring, updates and backups. Wordpress sites in particular need frequent software and plugin updates. All sites need monitoring to prevent hacking and to ensure full operational function. All sites need frequent updating to stay aligned with Google’s ever-changing SEO algorithms. In short, it’s a full-time job that most business owners either aren’t equipped for or shouldn’t be spending their valuable time on.

3. Cost

Most people would end up spending more money trying to build their own business website or by hiring the lowest bidder, than they would if they hired a professional website company with your specific industry expertise to do the job. This is ironic, because one of the reasons they might do this is that they think they’re saving money. But by the time they spend all those labor hours trying to get up to speed with website design and SEO, it’s costing them much more than if they had simply hired a pro. Not to mention the missed opportunties caused by using a sub-standard website.

Website design and maintenance is much more affordable than you may have imagined. Take a look at our pricing and we think you’ll agree.

4. Local SEO Takes Highly Skilled Professionals

Imagine if you have a brick-and-mortar business where you rely on local customers. You try to DIY your own business website or have some random marketing person create it and you get some traffic. Except the traffic you’re getting is from people across the country, or even in another state. That doesn’t do your locksmith or restaurant or automotive repair business much good, does it?

Local SEO is something that professionals know how to incorporate into your real-world business website. It’s how you’ll get real human beings to do business with you, and it’s yet another reason why you shouldn’t try to build your own business website.

Just as you have special skills that make it worth for customers to hire you, a professional website company has special skills that you need for a quality website. Contact the team at Pistn to learn more.

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