From the Desk of Kevin Steeland, CEO, PISTn Marketing Accelerated

Let me ask you a question?

If your car needs the engine replaced do you take your it to your neighbor who is a landscaper for his opinion? Of course not.

In the same way, if you need advice on best practices for marketing your business do you ask your accountant for his opinion or do you come to me, a professional with 30 Years experience? Of course you talk to me.

I’ve spoken with several clients recently who were looking for ways to drive more traffic into their shops. The first thing I tell them is that having a strong online presence is critical for auto repair shops -- and that being at the TOP of search is what brings in NEW customers.

Good SEO Gets You New Customers

People who have never visited your shop will search and find you for the first time if you’re at the top of the page. These customers represent a whole new audience beyond the existing customers you’re reaching with your CRM/OEM, email, and text campaigns.

Stay at the Top of the Page With Car Care Tips

So, while some businesses pay thousands of dollars for Monthly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to try to stay at the top of the page, you don’t have to do that.

PISTN’s Car Care Tips feature has proven results and costs just $35-$45 per month depending on how many services you’re signed up for with us. Our Car Care Tips service publishes new videos and articles weekly showing search engines that your site is constantly being updated.

Car Care Tips to Drive SEO Traffic


Blog Pots & Videos Posted Consistently Are Great For SEO

Continuously updating content isn’t just about keeping your website fresh; it helps you rank higher with Google and other Search Engines. New content, like the blog posts and videos included with Car Care Tips, boosts Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And your business gets more real estate on the first the page.

In addition, some of our Car Care Tips clients find themselves showing up multiple places on the first. They will show up for a “Brakes” post on their website as well an “Oil Change” post and again for their “Suspension” post.

Car Care Tips Improve Search Visibility

New content posting to your auto repair shop's website tells search engines that the site is active and relevant. This is how Car Care Tips improves visibility in search results. So, you get higher search rankings and increased visibility to prospective customers who are actively seeking auto repair services.

Boost Your SEO with Car Care Tips $34 $35 mo

Sign Up for Car Care Tips and Watch Your Rankings Rise

Search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, want to show users the most relevant information. That’s the value they bring to their audiences. So, they want to serve up the websites that provide fresh, useful content.

It’s also important to note that good search results drive new business and keep your competition out of those high visibility slots.

All of Our Products Work Together to Get More Cars In Your Shop

All of our products work together for one solitary goal:  to get more cars in your shop. If one of those products is missing, it might still run, like a car with a missing spark plug, but it won’t run as efficiently. Your website, CRM/OEM, email, text message and Car Care Tips each play a vital role, each reinforcing the effectiveness of the other to keep you top of mind with existing customers and to drive new customers to you door.

If you want to better visibility in online searches, contact PISTn today to sign up for the Car Care Tips service for $35-$45 per month. If you get one single repair job from this powerful SEO booster, it would likely pay for the whole program for a year.

Want to learn more about Car Care Tips & SEO?

Give me a call (248) 212-3213 or email me and I can help you get your program up and running.

Kevin Steeland PISTn CEO

Kevin Steeland PISTn CEO