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All of us here at PISTn want to send out a big thank you to all the Tuffy dealers that attended our Breakout sessions at the Tuffy Conference in Florida this year. We enjoyed visiting with everyone who stopped by our Trade Show booth as well. Our first breakout was standing room only so – especially for those without a chair -- we can’t thank you enough for the enthusiastic reception.

At the breakout session we shared details for three of our newer digital marketing options.  Dealers who signed up for these programs are already seeing some great results. Here’s a recap of the exciting new programs we shared in the meeting as well as a Success Story from one Tuffy Dealer who is working with CRM/OEM.

  1. NEW Text Message “Service Reminder” program
  2. Geofence Marketing programs
  3. Smart CRM/OEM

75% of Consumers want to receive texts with offers

1. Service Reminder Texting

What are the Benefits of Service Reminder Texting?

  • The program will text your customers within 24 hours of a service at your location.
  • The text message will be a “Thank You” that will also ask them to sign-up for maintenance reminders and specials via text.
  • No additional cost to dealers already on our texting program.
  • Drives more car count and sales.

Text open rates are as high as 98%.


2. Geofencing

What Is Geofence Marketing?

  • Geofence Marketing is delivered to customers and potential customers through their mobile phones based on their geographic area.
  • Geofence marketing is a form of location-based marketing where a geographic boundary is placed around a point of interest. When a mobile device enters this area, the geofence triggers several different events.
  • Geofence Marketing uses technology to trigger an action to a device when it enters a set location. For example, it might show engagement, notifications, or incentive type messages.


What Are the Benefits of Geofence Marketing?

  • Allows businesses to advertise to their customers within a specific geographic area.
  • Helps you connect with customers on frequently used apps other than Google.
  • Location targeting is the most reliable way to capture potential customers

3. Smart CRM/OEM

What Is Smart CRM/OEM?

  • A marketing strategy that uses customer sales data from your POS to trigger customer notifications via text, email and postcards.
  • Smart CRM sends messages for “Thank You”, “Oil Change Reminders”, “Declined Service Reminders”, “Inactive Customer Reminders” and “Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance reminders”.



What Are the Benefits of CRM/OEM?

  • CRM/OEM can help you connect with customers more regularly making sure they are reminded of important services due on their vehicles.
  • Brings customers back into the shop that have not been in for up to 6 months.
  • Helps to generate more consistent revenue and build more customer loyalty.

CRM/OEM Taps into the over $60B worth of preventative maintenance that goes unperformed every year.


Tuffy Winter Springs


Tuffy Winter Springs

Owner:  Gene Johnson

Gene Johnson, owner of Tuffy Winter Springs, participates in the PISTn Smart CRM and OEM programs.  These programs send customer service reminders for Oil Change/Declined Services/Inactive Customers and Manufacturer Recommended Services.  Gene does a great job collecting emails. He has email addresses for over 75% of his customer base.  He also has over a 35% open rate on his PISTn email campaign. (Well Done Gene!)

Also, Gene’s OEM reminder program has delivered more that 391 reminders to his customers over the past 10 weeks. These reminders have resulted in 47 sales conversions to date, for an average ticket of $239.26, totalling over $11,000.00 in revenue.

(Keep up the great work Gene! We look forward to seeing the results as we implement the new texting program you added making even more of an impact!)

From Gene:

“When I purchased my shop in April of 2021 I was only seeing 5 cars a day.  Today, I am over the national average of vehicles coming to my shop daily and recently won Tuffy "NEW DEALER OF THE YEAR" for 2021.  I definitely give part of this credit to PISTn and their digital marketing programs.  I participate in all of PISTn’s programs and appreciate the relationships I have with their team.  Whenever I need help or advice I can get ahold of them and they understand my business”.

Want to Continue the Conversation? 

After having many personal meetings with individual dealers, we received a lot of awesome feedback! We appreciate everyone who took the time to chat with us and share ideas. We are working hard to incorporate these suggestions into our programming and features to make them even more effective in driving your car count and sales.

If you would like to learn more about any of these programs or to discuss your ideas for your shop’s marketing, please contact Kevin Steeland.

[email protected]