Strengthen relationships with your customers and watch your business grow!

Our program helps you manage interactions with your current customers.  We utilize technology to organize, automate and synchronize your sales and marketing service reminders and notifications.  PISTn seamlessly integrates with your current point of sale software turning your customer database into a powerful network.


PISTn Smart CRM reinforces brand consistency by creating notifications via postcards and emails designed with your brand in mind.  The system reminds customers when maintenance is due, incentivizes customers to perform declined services, and brings lost customers back to your shop.  Notifications are sent daily, with customized coupon offers to improve ROI.

  • Declined Service Reminder – PISTn Smart CRM System sends out coupon offers, selected by you for each declined service.
  • Thank You Notification – Shop owner can attach coupon offers based on customer invoice total (i.e. Customers who spend more receive better offers as a thank you from the shop)
  • Oil Change Reminder – Reminders are sent at mileage intervals (3k miles, 5k Miles, 10k miles). The PISTn Smart CRM learns your customers driving patterns for a consistent and accurate reminder.
  • Inactive Customer Message – Dealer can schedule multiple promotions: first promotion at 180 days, and then again at 210 days if the customer has not been in for service after first message.


  • Monthly postcard and email campaign performance reports to track ROI
  • Simple user-friendly dashboard to manage program
  • Stay in touch with your customers
  • Generate consistent revenue
  • Build customer loyalty

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