Strengthen relationships with your customers and watch your business grow!

Our program helps you manage interactions with current and future customers. We utilize technology to organize, automate and synchronize your sales, marketing and customer service. Our program is affordable, user friendly and effective. PISTN seamlessly integrates with your current point of sale software turning your customer database into a powerful network.


Businesses are constantly challenged with an array of important growth, customer service, and efficiency objectives like daily communications with customers, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction and delivering exceptional customer service.

How do SMART businesses do it all?  With the best-in-class SMART C-R-M solution.  PISTN’S SMART C-R-M program helps manage interactions with current and future customers – using seamlessly integrated campaigns with current point-of-sale software, turning a business’ customer database into a powerful network.  PISTN SMART C-R-M proprietary technology organizes, automates, synchronizes sales, marketing, and customer service. Say a customer drives their vehicle to your auto repair shop and gets service done.  Once service is completed, SMART C-R-M then communicates with the shop’s P-O-S system and sends a thank you email or post card and requests they visit the shop’s website and write a review. PISTNSMART C-R-M reminds customers when service maintenance is due, incent customers to perform declined services, and bring lost customers back to your shop. Notifications are sent daily, with customized coupon offers to improve R-O-I. Reinforce brand consistency by creating notifications via post cards and emails designed with your brand in mind.

The SMART C-R-M system also tracks customer’s behavior and provides reports containing critical information – letting you know if they returned or responded to any of these notifications, allowing you to track the program effectiveness and R-O-I. Once your connected you can set it and forget it. SMART C-R-M is a very simple process, driving more sales and loyalty to your shop, stay in touch with your customers, generate revenue and build customer loyalty.

PISTN SMART C-R-M – Strengthen relationships with your customers and watch your business grow!

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