Why Reputation Management Matters for Small Businesses

Traditionally, small businesses only needed to establish a good local reputation to succeed. Maintaining a reputation typically involves attracting locals and developing good relationships with them. Then, people would patronize a shop based on the recommendations of friends and neighbors. Nowadays, those endorsements are widely made online. All it takes is a handful, or even just one scathing, online comment to ignite a social media fire. If this happens, it could sink a small company's reputation.

Reputation management is a process associated with proactively identifying and influencing what people say online about a brand. Proactive businesses encourage clients to share positive experiences online. Even going so far as to directly ask for the review.  If negative content or reviews are found that could damage a company’s good standing, specific techniques are used to reverse the situation.

Here are three primary reasons to invest in Reputation Management.


dark shadow1. Reputation Management Combats Negative Online Reviews

Consumers today turn straight to the internet for information, heavily relying upon reviews people post. Statistics suggest more than 95% of consumers check online reviews before making a purchase. Considering the long-lasting nature of digital footprints, you want the majority of online content about your company to be positive.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the reality. Consumers are more apt to post negative reviews rather than to share their good experiences. As a result, small businesses often receive an imbalance of reviews. Consider how even just a few customers posting negative information about your business could cast a dark shadow over your company, even if the majority of customers love what you offer.

Reputation management strategies can help to quickly address issues. The result is mitigating negative publicity, demonstrating a business’s willingness to fix an issue, generating goodwill and customer satisfaction.


winning reputation management2. Reputation Management  Improves Search Engine Results

To gain the most visibility, businesses of all sizes compete for Google’s attention. What many small businesses don’t realize is that online reviews play a significant role in SEO. Google values fresh content and reviews are a factor the tech giant includes in its algorithm to determine your search position.

While, you can’t control what people post about your business,  you can change the course of the conversation. It's not always easy to do but reputation management techniques can help tip the scales back in your favor. (Learn more in our previous article: Is Your Business The Best?)

Reputation management Conversation3. Social Media Makes Advertising a Two-Way Street

Investing in reputation management can ensure your customers receive timely responses and have a positive experience. (Here's another article about Responding to Reviews)

Years ago, businesses advertised on television, in newspapers, and on the radio. These outlets allowed  businesses to control the narrative. Social media has completely transformed  advertising from a monologue to a dialogue. Today’s consumers want interaction. They are part of the conversation.

Small companies don't always have the hands-on ability to keep tabs on comments or questions their customers post online while taking care of daily business doings. Partnering with a skilled digital marketing company can help them to cultivate a positive online image and keep their good reputations intact.



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