Paid Social vs Paid Search

Our clients often ask us whether they should be using Facebook Ads or Google Ads to promote their businesses. They want to know which is more effective?

We say that whenever you’re given a choice between two things, the answer is, of course: Both!
Like cake and ice cream, Google Ads and Facebook ads go together. Each is great on its own, for different reasons. When you use both you’re covering all your bases.

Each has its own purpose, benefits and audience. Most businesses should be implementing a strategy that includes both Google Ads and Facebook Ads for a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy.
If you have to choose one or the other, carefully review the information below and choose the one that fits your goals.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

About Facebook Ads

We recommend Facebook Ads for reaching their more than 1 billion active users right where they are: scrolling Facebook on their phones, tablets and computers for hours every day. These folks might not be thinking about your business or looking for your services necessarily at that moment. When they see your ad it reminds them that you exist, so you are top of mind when they do need your services. Facebook Ads are great for introducing your business to prospective clients.

Facebook also allows you to show your ads on Instagram, one of its sister platforms. And Facebook lets you promote videos!

Be strategic.

When you’re setting up Facebook Ads, they should be relevant to the user and they should also have a specific goal in mind. Is the purpose of the ad to gain brand awareness, or to get the potential customer to click through to your website or to “Call Now”? Facebook ads can serve any of these purposes.

Think of Facebook for top of mind, brand awareness and impulse buyers.
Facebook advertising can make an impact for your business even with a limited budget. If you have questions about Facebook Ads, please feel free to call us.

Google Ads Digital Marketing

About Google Ads

Google Ads appear for customers when they search Google for a specific product or service. These are  active searchers. They need what you’re selling and they need it right now. Google Ads  give you a chance to show up for folks who may be searching for a generic service like “Oil Change Near Me,” or who may be searching for your competitor – and your ad pops up -- making you an option for that consumer even if they’ve never heard of you.

Google Ads are mainly comprised of words with a link to your location and website. If you‘re just getting started, and depending on your products, services and goals, we generally recommend advertising only the Google Search Network and skipping the Display Network because it is more of a passive interaction.

Google Ads also allows you businesses to advertise on YouTube.


It’s About the Keywords

Google is for the active customer and the whole thing revolves around keywords.

Google processes billions of daily searches and drives 85% of the search traffic to most websites. For example, if a searcher located in Detroit, Michigan, types in “Mechanic Near Me”, they are most likely going to call someone near the top of the list. Google Ads put you there.

Our clients who try Google Ads with a small test budget, usually call back after a few months to increase the budget because the return on the investment exceeds expections.

If you’ve wanted to try Google Ads but didn’t know where to begin, call us for a consultation.

Need Help?

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