Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Digital Marketing Trends We're Watching in 2022

One of the most important things to understand about digital marketing is that it is constantly changing.

The Internet of the 1990s is barely recognizable compared to the fast-paced digital world we're living in now. That's why it's crucial to understand the biggest digital marketing trends of the coming year - so that you can capitalize on them before your competitors do.


The Metaverse: The Future of Digital Marketing is Here

One of the biggest digital marketing trends of 2022 is what has commonly been called the "metaverse." It's a bringing together of traditional techniques like blogging and social media with advanced solutions like augmented reality, virtual reality and more.

Imagine, rather than giving someone a catalog of products to look over or a dedicated section on your website to peruse, instead they are using their own smartphone to see how a certain item would look in their home. It would be precisely to scale and they could "place" it wherever they want - all before they make a purchase. That reality is here.

Think back to that sequence in the classic film "Fight Club" where the protagonist walks around his apartment, looking at a furniture catalog. Suddenly, all the items he's buying appear in the surrounding environment, placed perfectly in the room. They're accompanied by dimensions, pricing information and more. Obviously, that's not what would happen in real-life - but with augmented reality and the metaverse, we can get closer to this, using smartphones and tablets, than ever.

Data and Privacy in 2022

Data & Privacy: Winning Trust & Loyalty

Another important trend involves big data - but not necessarily in the way most people think. Obviously, data is important for fueling not only marketing campaigns, but your business at large. Contained inside the data your organization creates on a daily basis is the insight you need to make better and more informed decisions about how to service your target audience.

At the same time, consumers have increasingly shown that privacy is something that they value above almost anything else. Therefore, brands need to to do things. One is to ensure data collection methods preserve privacy. The second is to be transparent about that with their customers. People are understandably skeptical about the information they're sharing with certain brands, and rightfully so. But that combination can be a way to earn trust as a business, and ultimately earn a great deal of loyalty as well.

Digital marketing is always evolving. It's gotten to the point where it can quickly become a full-time job. This is problematic if you already have a business to run. That's why it's important to find the right partner to meet your needs - they can help you to achieve the highest return on investment possible.


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