With Chat GPT making headlines for months, it’s clear that AI is starting to offer real utility to its users. While machine learning and AI have been around for years, it’s more accessible and more valuable than ever before. PISTn is closely watching the trends to see how AI may help marketers connect with their customers in the future.


AI can sort through marketing data in a way that would have been unimaginable even a few years ago. When you know more about your customers, it’s easier to stretch your marketing dollars, so you’re not wasting your budget. Plus, it will help you gear your strategy toward the content that your customers will actually respond to.

Too often, marketers will comply with the larger trends rather than figure out what their target demographic is looking for. So even if the general rule is that videos will spark more interest than any other type of content, AI may be able to show whether that’s true for your prospective customers or if they are more interested in how-to blog posts.

The better the data, the better the reporting. With all of the facts at hand, it’s easier to prove the connection between two events (e.g., a specific social campaign and higher revenue).


AI makes is making it possible to change the content a viewer is looking at in real time based on their personal preferences. So, the program may promote a social post that’s designed to appeal to that particular person, whether it’s about a sale on a certain item or a call-to-action to sign up for more information.

The other major change is that AI can be incorporated into customer service bots that can provide real answers to nuanced questions. There are still improvements that need to be made to the AI experience, but the ability of the programs to understand the customer is unparalleled compared to past versions. Instead of repeating canned answers, it’s actively telling people what they need to know or admitting when they’ll need to talk to a real person to get a resolution.

Marketing today is more than just reading about best practices and implementing a few of the big ones. AI may be able to streamline your experience with the customer, but it will still take some time and effort to get it right. PISTn Marketing Accelerated continues to monitor new developments in AI to assess them for applicability in helping our customers meet their digital marketing goals.