November 03, 2021

Posted By: Sherrie Brindley


Don’t let the Dealership Service Centers get the upper hand on building trust, loyalty, brand and profits by being the only ones promoting OEM Manufacturer Recommended service to your customers.

Get a competitive edge against car dealerships by demonstrating your expertise in vehicle specific manufacturer recommended maintenance. With OEM email and postcard reminders, you can tap into the billions of dollars worth of preventative maintenance that goes unperformed every year.

Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance
Most dealerships find providing regular service to a customer is one of the most significant contributors to customer loyalty and the greatest indicator of where a person will choose to have more costly repairs done. The preventative maintenance work becomes a customer touchpoint. 

The dealerships have been doing this forever.   People take their cars in because the dealership sends them reminders. The reminders have conditioned people think they have to use the dealership.

Don’t let dealerships get all the work. Let your customers know you can do the work. This work needs to be done. Your shop might as well be the one doing it.

73 percent of drivers

How Does It Work?

PISTN SMART OEM program can enhance your perceived credibility and position your shop to become the place of choice when drivers are searching for preventative maintenance

Keep your customers in your garage with email and postcard OEM reminders.

Sample Post Card Front

Sample Post Card Back

Case Study

This year one location brought in an average ticket of $541.75 in OEM business via email reminders alone for a total of more than $67,000.00 in revenue over 10 months.

YTD RESULTS: January –Oct 2021

  • 1065 OEM Reminders Sent
  • 125 Responses
  • 12% Response Rate
  • $541.75 per Response
  • $67,718 Total Revenue

47% of consumers want preventative maintenance


Any OEM solution is only as successful as the data that drives it. PISTn sources OEM data directly from the vehicle manufacturers. We use Y/M/M or better yet VIN and current mileage to pull maintenance schedules. Our data supports Vehicles 1981–Current.

Need More Reasons to Start an OEM Program in Your Shop?

  • PISTN helps you break through the barrier myth that preventative maintenance must be done at the dealership.
  • Get a competitive advantage / be another option
  • Create Loyalty and Repeat Business
  • More scheduled appointments means more RO’s = Profit


Here's how it works: 

Step 1: The vehicle data from your POS System is checked nightly
Step 2: We pull vehicle data based on VIN or Y/M/M and current mileage
Step 3: If the vehicle is within 5000 miles of its scheduled maintenance, we pull the vehicle OEM Recommended Service
Step 4: Customer is sent a Post Card or Email with the OEM service schedule and custom offers to incentivize the customer to perform the work soon.
Step 5: Customer can then choose to schedule an appointment to have your shop perform the maintenance
Step 6: Customer vehicle information is stored based on prior mileage history or new vehicle in your system allowing PISTn to send OEM service reminders to your customer throughout their vehicle’s life.

Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance reminders are a huge opportunity.  Remind your customers that they have preventative maintenance due on their vehicles and that your shop is the best place do it.

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