The holidays are all but upon us, but there's still time to put together a quick holiday marketing campaign or, barring that, at least increase your visibility during the busy shopping season.

Here are some quick ideas of things you can do to capitalize on the season of capitalism.

A good old-fashioned gift guide. Any business can come up with a goof gift guide. If you run an auto repair shop, you can sell a year-round service guide that includes maintenance tips and coupons. If you're not too familiar with the concept or need some other ideas: check Google.

Pin posts to the top of your profile. Many networks that allow to choose a post and keep it at the top of your timeline (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Company pages). Pinning posts to the top of the page will bring extra visibility to your holiday campaign. It's easy and it's free, and it'll help change up your look, too.

Change profile and header images. Your profile and header images are also great places to make a temporary statement. You can change these to mirror your holiday marketing plan or, if you don't have one, just make it a tribute to the season. Everyone gets in the holiday spirit, eventually, and when they visit your site, a simple change like that will personalize your brand a bit and make you seem more welcoming to customers.

Tie them in to your social media advertising. If you are already spending money with Facebook advertising, make sure to include your holiday marketing campaign. With the ease in which you can change your target audience, it is easy to manipulate your reach to include people who are not only interested in your product---but interested in purchasing it for someone else, too.

Create campaign specific hashtags. Creating a specific hashtag for your holiday campaign or promotion can give you another way to gauge overall performance and reach. You can also gain traction with using general holiday hashtags in your posts.

When in doubt, engage your customers through contests, like sharing photos of their holiday decorations, sending out electronic holiday cards, or creating a form of an advent calendar, like the 12 Days of Christmas.

Those are some of our ideas. What are yours? Let us know in the comments!