Facebook is changing the way people will review your business page.

The social media giant is rolling out a plan to all business pages that would replace the rating system to recommendations in an attempt to generate more authentic information about the quality of business you operate.

“Local business pages have always features ratings and reviews, and now we are updating reviews to recommendations,” the social media giant said in a statement. “Customers can share richer feedback about your business to help you be more visible in your local community and attract more customers.”

Reviews have always been an important part of Facebook business pages. About 2/3 of Facebook users look at them before they decide whether to visit a business or order from it online.

The plan would keep the existing ratings on your page, but not allow new ones. Instead, users would be asked if they would recommend your business. It starts with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and then allows them to go into more detail, such as by tagging certain services you offer or products you sell. By selecting tags, customers will create themes that will ultimately show what your business is known for.

The recommendations will be shown on your page and they will show up when people are searching for or talking about your business.

Facebook is making it easy to fight false or irrelevant recommendation, too. To keep the recommendations authentic, page owners and admins will be able to report recommendations that are: irrelevant, unfair, spam or contain hate speech. They will also be able to report content that is harassing, contains nudity, threats of violence or solicitation to buy or sell drugs.

That’s both good news and bad news for reputation managers; they’ll need to pay more attention to the content of the recommendations, but it means they’ll be able to report and deal with the issue in a timely fashion.

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