July 26, 2015

Posted By: Scotty Spielman


Many companies optimize their web pages for computer users, but it's important to remember that that's not the only way people surf the web these days.

In fact, according to Kissmetrics, most people are more likely to surf the web through a mobile device--either a smart phone or tablet--than at their own PC or laptop.

Consider this:

  • About 95% of mobile users look up local information using a mobile website.
  • More than 60% of mobile users call the business after searching a mobile website.
  • 57% of mobile users recommend a business with a user friendly website.
  • 40% of mobile users turn to a competitor’s website after a bad mobile experience.
  • As an auto repair shop, the first impression a stranded motorist gets of your business will have a direct route to a sale.

Here are a few quick tips to help you ensure your web site is mobile-friendly:

Use Mobile-Friendly Images
Don’t let images slow load time and frustrate shoppers before they begin shopping. Graphics are nice, but if they're too large, they'll be too slow--and may earn the ire of a potential customer by making him or her churn through is data plan. New visitors want a web page to load in six to 10 seconds; most expect it in less.

Priority Elements Prominently
In the old newspaper terms, they call it "above the fold," referring to the news items that readers would see when the newspaper was folded flat.  Provide relevant content—contact numbers, hours, specials—and encourage users to take action above the fold.

An Easy Call To Action
Tell your potential customers where to go and make it easy for them. Provide large, bold options for users to add an item to their cart or submit their info. These CTAs need to be thumb-friendly and easy to access on touch screen devices

You might also want to create links to your facebook and other social media sites, create mobile coupons and specials and link to a popular review site or two.

Remember, with the bulk of web-surfing taking place on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, you want to make sure your web presence is as mobile-friendly as possible.