Facebook is once again trying to think for you.

Shortly after announcing a tweak to its newsfeed algorithm, the social media giant has announced another change, this one designed to prioritize the Pages and Groups that users see in their feeds.

"We know that friends are not the only reason people come to Facebook," said Product Manager Ramya Sethuraman in a post. "Many people come to see the latest from the Pages they follow and the groups they are a part of."

She said the group used surveys determine how interested were in content from a specific Page they follow, as well as how important a specific group they’ve joined is to them.

The result, she said, is an algorithm tweak designed to move Pages or Groups that users are more likely to be interested in up in their news feeds.

Specifically, these factors will make a Page or Group more "meaningful" to users:

  • how long someone has followed a Page or been a part of a Group
  • how often someone engages with Page or Group
  • how often a Page or Group posts content

"These specific changes will not result in an increase of Page or group content," she said. "Rather, they will prioritize content from the Pages and groups we think you care about most so that you see them higher in News Feed."

It's a bit early to predict what this means for social media marketers. One guess is that it will be more important to post content to pages more often or, at least, more consistently.

What other implications do you foresee? Let us know in the comments!