You may have noticed something different when you signed into or launched your Facebook page this month.

Most users saw a notification about their privacy settings and a reminder that users own and can delete their own information. It reads like this:

“You own the information you share on Facebook. This means you decide what you share and who you share it with on Facebook, and you can change your mind. That’s why we give you the tools to delete anything you’ve posted…”

The notification is part of a larger focus for the social media giant this year to inform users about their data and privacy options and understand how their data is used.

The move is in response to widespread concern that the social media platform had been used to manipulate voter opinions in 2016, as well as the spread of so-called false news that year and in 2017.

“You have many ways to control your data on Facebook. This includes tools to make sure you share only what you want with the people you want to see it. But privacy controls are only powerful if you know how to find and use them,” Facebook reported as it launched the campaign.

Watch for new educational videos that will further explain the topic, as well as what you should do to protect yourself as a user—and as a business.

You will also be prompted to take Facebook’s Privacy Checkup, which will help make you aware of your security settings. Even if you’re a regular user who closely monitors those settings, it’s a good idea to go through it anyway.

What do those steps mean to your business? It means it will be more important than ever to stay on message with your business pages, be careful of what type of content you share, and to make your own content as engaging as possible.

Facebook is going through the efforts to improve accountability and police itself for users. You should, too.