March 03, 2019

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

Facebook is launching a new video service that can help businesses get in front of new audiences.

The new premium video ad program, Facebook Showcase, is now available in many markets across the U.S.

“Showcase gives online video and TV ad buyers participating in the upfront selling cycle new opportunities to reach their target audiences within the highest-quality videos on Facebook. Showcase is now available for campaigns targeting US audiences,” Facebook said in their announcement.

Facebook Showcase includes:

  • In-Stream Reserve, which allows advertisers to reach people watching video from a selection of hundreds of the most engaging, highest quality publishers and creators
  • In-Stream Reserve Categories, which allows advertisers to reach people within contextually relevant content. These categories include sports, fashion/beauty and entertainment, along with food and news categories
  • Sponsorships that allow advertisers to be the exclusive sponsor of a program for U.S. viewers, giving advertisers the opportunity to place their ads in specific shows.

Showcase can help advertisers reach younger audiences that are otherwise difficult to reach on TV. The new service makes it easy to plan, buy and measure video ad campaigns targeted at those younger audiences. You can find an overview here.

What do you think? Will this help your business get new customers? Let us know in the comments!