Facebook announced recently, that it was updating its analytics features to make it easier for you to understand who is interacting with your business and how often.

Journeys From Facebook Analytics will enable you to you to gain a deeper understanding of where and how people interact with your business across channels and devices.

“Journeys anonymously aggregates this information enabling you to understand the impact of different channels people use and identify patterns in behaviors that lead to conversions,” said the company in a statement. “You can then use these insights to optimize your marketing strategy and grow your business.”

The new features include a Facebook Analytics mobile app, which allows you to check metrics in a personalized overview tab, create dashboards with the reports you saved on desktop, get notifications about significant changes in your data and more. You can find it in the Google Play store.

Other updates include:

  • Auto-detected funnels, which identify the most frequent paths users take within an app or website as well as across multiple channels. This will help speed up conversions.
  • More customized Insights that can automatically give you insights tailored to your business goals. This will enable you to see insights such as which products are your best sellers overall or with a specific customer base, which sections of your site convert more sales or if promo codes translate into additional transactions.
  • Funnel conversion insights, which allows Facebook Analytics to analyzing people’s progress and finding relevant optimization opportunities in your funnels for you.

It sounds like the new features captures and uses a lot of data, which is true. However, in keeping with recent trends of protecting user information, the new features should not pose a threat to users.

“Facebook Analytics features are carefully built to protect people's privacy,” said the media giant. “We don't share individually identifiable information such as email addresses or phone numbers when providing insights in Facebook Analytics. All of the metrics you see in Facebook Analytics are based on aggregated, anonymous data.”


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