September 03, 2017

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

By now, you know the statistics favor businesses with mobile friendly websites.

More than 80 percent of consumers have a smart phone and they use it as their primary access to the Internet—particularly when they are out searching for a business or service.

You know your website has to be mobile-friendly, but how hard is it to make it that way? The answer is, not very. Here are a few tips to consider:

Think in threes. A good rule of thumb is to consider when you’re thinking about your website is to break it down to three user experiences: smartphone, tablet and desktop. Make sure your customers can easily read the text and view images on your site; if they have to shift the page or zoom in, chances are they’ll go elsewhere. 

Prioritize your information. A smaller screen means you have less “real estate” to work with.  Think about the type of information your customers will want when they are out-and-about and prioritize accordingly.

Make it easy to get in touch. On a smaller screen, contact information will be just as important—if not more so—than any other news you’ll want to display. You can also include links that will launch and email capabilities. Make the contact section of your mobile site as prominent as you can.

Be consistent. Your brand should look the same, no matter what type of device your website is viewed on. Use the same colors, logos, fonts and other graphics.

Get listed. Mobile directories often pop up at the top of online searches when people – i.e., your customers – go looking for answers to their questions. They’re also help potential customers find your website. Mobile directory listings will often include the name of your business, the service you provide, your business hours, your phone number, your physical address and a link to your site.

The world of mobile marketing can seem daunting for small business owners who don’t have a large budget or who have a hard time keeping up with advances in technology. It doesn’t have to be difficult, and you can always outsource it.

Do you have any other mobile tips? Let us know in the comments!