It can be difficult to come up with great creative content for your Facebook advertising.

Just because you own or operate a business, doesn’t mean you are a marketer or advertising guru. Fortunately, Facebook has tools to help get you started or show you how to improve.

With its new Inspiration section, you can find examples of what will work for you and advice on how to make it happen.

“We’re committed to helping businesses of all sizes build great creative work that drives results,” Facebook said in an announcement. “The new Inspiration section offers examples of effective ads to inspire your business’ next big idea. It also provides guidelines and resources to help you get started creating ads that work for your business and resonate with your customers.”

The inspiration section is available on some business pages and will expand to others soon.

The page includes examples of advertisements or ad campaigns, as well as top performing video ads each month to provide plenty of inspiration for what may work for a business like yours.

In addition to the ad examples, the new page offers advice on how to create mobile advertisements for your business. There are sections about how to promote your brand, protect your brand, use sound or soundless video ads, too.

The Inspiration section also will help you find new ways to attract your customers’ attention, which is particularly important for mobile users, who scan through information about 40 percent faster than computer-based web surfers.

You will find tips on the proper length of time for advertisements, as well as ways you can experiment with your content to attract new customers and build your audience.

“You can also get creative guidelines for building the most effective ads, such as tips on branding and framing, and length recommendations,” Facebook said.

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