Your Facebook business page may soon have a new look and new features.

Facebook announced recently that they would be rolling out changes to the mobile versions of business pages to help consumers connect to the services and products they’re looking for.

“Over 1.6 billion people around the world are connected to a small business on Facebook,” said Alex Himel, vice president of Local Content for Facebook. “People and businesses alike have told us they want even easier ways to connect.”

The changes, he said, are designed to address that request. Pages will soon be categorized by the type of business they are, such as restaurant, services, retail. The redesign will depend on the type of business and the rollout is expected to start with pages for restaurants and local services first, then expand to others in the future.

Among the changes, Himel said, are:

  • Keeping it local. Consumers can browse a “Local” section in their Facebook app and a standalone Facebook Local app for nearby businesses. They’ll be able to see what places are most recommended and check out which events their friends are attending.
  • Updating Pages: Redesigned pages will make it even easier for people to interact with local businesses and find what they need most. They’ll be able to make a reservation at a restaurant; book an appointment at a salon; or browse recent photos, upcoming Events, and offers.
  • More events. Consumers will also be able to buy tickets to ticketed events directly from Facebook.About 700 million people use Facebook Events each month to find things to do in their communities,” Himel said.
  • More jobs: Local businesses are the backbone of the American economy, creating more than 60 percent of new jobs. The new jobapplication tool will be greatly expanded.

“Local communities are built, grown and sustained by people; people like your neighbors, your friends and your favorite local business owners,” said Himel. “On Facebook, there are more than 80 million small businesses using our free business tools. Those tools are helping people and businesses connect.

“These are more steps we’re taking to make connecting with local businesses easier on Facebook. Because when businesses succeed, communities thrive,” he added.

What do you think? Have you seen the changes yet? Let us know in the comments!


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