Facebook announced recently that as many as 50 million users could have been hacked, user a feature that allowed the hackers to use Facebook access tokens and potentially get into their accounts.

The problem, Facebook said, has been fixed and reported to the proper authorities and no malicious activity was found from any of the compromised accounts.

“Detecting and preventing fraud is extremely important and something we take very seriously. While we have not detected any malicious activity with business accounts, our investigation is ongoing,” Facebook said in a statement.

They also indicated that no action was necessary from users. Still, as a business owner and someone who is no doubt concerned about online security, you should still take a look around. Facebook provided some actions to follow, too:

  1. Check your contact information in Account Settings. Even if you don’t change your password (and they said you don’t have to), you should make sure you your email and phone information is accurate, to allow you to regain access to your account.
  2. Page administrators should check roles and permissions on their account for any unauthorized changes or new admins. If you find any, report it through the Help Center.
  3. Also, check these, if any apply:
  • Look for changes to payment details in Payment Settings on your account.
  • Review active campaigns in Ads Manager to check for changes to ads, bids or budgets.
  • Look for any listings you did not create on your Marketplace

What do you think? Did they do enough? Are you confident in your online security? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!


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