Get Tire Quotes From Customers 24/7

Auto Repair, Tire Centers and Oil Change Shops can enhance their website with the PISTN Tire Selector feature. This feature allows visitors to choose the make, model and year of their vehicle and receive recommended OEM tire options with features and benefits. The customer will then have the option to request a quote. If they do, the system will automatically email a quote request directly to your email. The Tire Selector exemplifies another interactive feature that PISTN offers to virtually connect with customers outside the physical confines of your shop.

Features & Benefits

We provide searchers the important features of the tires they are looking for and the many benefits of the tires such as warranty, traction, safety and tire noise specifications.

Tire Specifications

PISTN’s exclusive Tire Selector also provides tire specifications such as load rating, speed rating, load capacity, maximum inflation and UTQG for tire options.

Tire Rebates

Our system displays the most current tire rebates available so your customers are incented to contact your shop to utilize them.

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