PISTn’s interactive scheduler feature allows your patients, customers or potential customers to schedule services or appointments directly from a PC or mobile device within a matter of seconds.

Benefits of Online Scheduling:

  • Adds Flexibility for Your Potential or Current Customers and Patients
  • Allows For After-Hours Scheduling
  • Younger Demographic Prefers to Schedule This Way
  • Saves Time for Your Staff
  • Reduces No-Shows

How PISTn Online Scheduling Works:

Using the PISTn Online Scheduler, clients fill out a brief electronic form requesting a date and time for service. Once the form has been completed the request will be immediately emailed to you. Once you click “Accept” it will send a confirmation email to the client.

The public shows a preference for doing many things via the Internet and mobile sites. It only stands to reason that they want to schedule their appointments, services and meetings as well.

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