Top 7 Reasons to have your employment application online

  1. Qualified Candidates Are Performing Job Searches Online
  2. Qualified Candidates Are on Mobile
  3. Qualified Candidates Are Tech Savvy
  4. Digital Tools Remove Barriers to Application
  5. Online Applications Save You Time
  6. Online Applications Save Your Candidate Time
  7. Better Hires Lead to Less Attrition, Which Saves Money

Why use the PISTn online employment application:

With the PISTn Website System, you can drive hundreds of visitors to your website weekly. Having an easily accessible online job application form that is available 24/7, will allow applicants to apply at their convenience.

Evaluate potential employees and make the online job application process easier by using our convenient online Employment Application Form. This form makes it simple for you to stay organized and quickly screen potential job candidates online before selecting the best and moving on to the all-important interview.

This easy-to-use online job application form lets you gather information on potential employees and keep their information organized.  Ask about their salary requirements, educational background, employment history, main qualifications, and more. Our form simplifies the application process, and helps you move quickly to interviewing and hiring the right person for the job.

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