Whether you’re the franchisor or a company running multiple company stores the PISTn multi-location digital marketing program is definitely for you!

Custom Digital Marketing Plan

We have developed our program to bring brand consistency across every location with customizable options that allow for just enough local-owner control to keep most franchisees happy.

PISTn understands each location has its own set of challenges. We work with locations individually to prepare, produce and manage digital marketing programs for them.  The beauty of the PISTn system is that digital marketing features are INTEGRATED into their local websites, allowing them to view the heartbeat of their marketing efforts with a single login and one dashboard.

Features can be turned on or off by location to respond to local market conditions.

Brand Consistency and Message

As a franchisor or business with company stores we understand it is critical for you to have consistency in your brand.  PISTn knows that your logo, colors, slogan and the brand you have poured your heart and soul into must be marketed consistently throughout all your marketing and communications.

We take time to work with you and your franchisees or managers to design offers and promotions that shops can choose from to ensure brand consistency. Or you can provide coupons and offers that can be selected for promoting chain wide. PISTn can also implement your latest corporate promotion—with the click of a button, it will be featured on all of your local websites.

Benefits of Flexibility

Some of our large multi-unit companies want to handle every detail while some prefer to set the groundwork and let the managers or franchisees add a little local flavor. Here at PISTn we can work directly with you, your franchisees, or company stores to develop some local identity, making the sites more reflective of the communities they serve.

Coordinated Marketing with a Landing Page & Microsites

For owners of multiple locations, PISTn can coordinate your marketing efforts by developing a landing page with a location finder to facilitate the local PISTn microsites for all of your individual shops. The landing page will contain all of the promotional material necessary to inform customers about your brand and will direct them to the microsite of the location nearest them. Perhaps you already have a company website? That’s great—PISTn can also create the local microsites for each of your locations.

Location Finder

In order to ensure that all your customers are properly directed, PISTn has developed a location finder feature for our landing pages. Upon selecting their location, customers will be presented with a map displaying all your nearest shops. In addition to the map, the location finder will also display a grid that includes the address, phone number, hours, website, and coupons of all the listed locations.

Each of your company store managers, franchisees and markets has its own unique set of marketing challenges. Some shops might be in more price sensitive markets and face competitive marketing influences. While others may be struggling to capture more reviews and having trouble with their local SEO (Search Engine Optimization or “Being Found on the Internet”). Still others may have many repeat customers but want to start a Google Ads program to capture new customers.

Thanks to our convenient content management system, PISTn can address all of these concerns and provide your business an organized and efficient platform for synchronizing your marketing strategy.

Start your program today!