Mobile devices are well on their way to surpassing PCs as the most commonly used devices for accessing the Web.

All of our websites include a fully functional mobile version ensuring that all content will be displayed properly and navigation will be easy for smart phone users. With a staggering 90% of smart phone users making a purchase after visiting a mobile website, PISTN offers your business the opportunity to tap into a vast and lucrative market that only stands to grow!

Did you know……

  • 95% of mobile users look up local information using a mobile website.
  • 90% of mobile users make a purchase decision within 24 hrs of visiting a mobile site.
  • 61% of mobile users call the business after searching a mobile website.
  • 57% of mobile users recommend a business with a user friendly website.
  • 44% of mobile users make a purchase decision after they visit a mobile website.
  • 40% of mobile users turn to a competitor’s website after a bad mobile experience.

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