PISTN Marketing Accelerated has developed a print package to help introduce and educate customers about your local website.

This complete turnkey print system provides you the opportunity to strengthen your brand locally
by integrating your print message with your web message.

The PISTN Print Support System™ helps drive new and existing customers to your website so you can capture their information for future marketing efforts and enhance Search Engine results.

500 Savings Cards $249

  • 2-sided card, 4-color front side / black back side
  • Numbered cards featuring one “FREE” offer, and 6 additional store offers.
  • Customers must register their card on your website to receive the free offer.
  • This registration process allows the system to collect the user’s email address.

1000 Business Cards $95

  • Business cards with shop owner’s image and/or shop image with hours, address, phone number and web address prominently positioned and a message to “Visit Our Website for Additional Offers.”

Fishbowl Promotion $75

  • Fishbowl, sign and blank entry forms
  • Customers enter to win a specially selected prize provided by your shop.
  • You can add these new email addresses to your database for future marketing.

Lobby Dry Erase Poster $75

  • Dry erase poster encouraging customers to visit your website for a chance to win your quarterly “Register To Win” drawing.

Additional Design Services

  • Valpak Advertisement Design
  • Shopper Magazine Advertisement Design
  • Red Plum Advertisement Design
  • Billboard Design
  • Direct Mail Design

Cost Saving Print Packages

Basic Support Package $225

  • 1,000 Business Cards
  • Fishbowl Promotion (Register To Win)
  • Register To Win Dry Erase Poster For Your Shop

Premium Support Package $450

  • 1,000 Business Cards
  • 500 Savings Cards
  • Fishbowl Promotion (Register To Win)
  • Register To Win Dry Erase Poster For Your Shop

Customized Print Support

Mix and Match the print pieces to fit your needs

Start your program today!