PISTn’s SMART OEM Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance Reminders = Increased Profits

Don’t let the Dealership Service Centers get the upper hand on building trust, loyalty, brand and profits by being the only ones promoting OEM Mfg. Recommended Service.

Key Fact

Most dealerships find providing regular service to a customer is one of the most significant contributors to customer loyalty and the greatest indicator of where a person will choose to have more costly repairs done.

Why Use PISTn Smart OEM

Here are some benefits of Promoting OEM Mfg. Recommended Service:

  • 73% of drivers would return to a service center they visited for preventative maintenance for future larger repairs
  • Get a competitive edge against car dealers & auto repair shops by demonstrating your expertise in vehicle specific manufacturer recommended maintenance
  • Tap into $60B worth of preventative maintenance that goes unperformed every year
  • OEM Maintenance interval data will enhance your perceived credibility and position your shop to become the place of choice when drivers are searching for preventative maintenance

Our OEM solution is only as successful as the data that drives it

PISTn has sourced the OEM data direct from the vehicle manufacturers. We use Y/M/M or better yet VIN and current mileage to pull maintenance schedules.

Our data supports Vehicles 1981–Current.

How PISTN Smart OEM Works:

Step 1: We pull the vehicle data nightly from your POS System

Step 2: We pull vehicle data based on VIN or Y/M/M and current mileage

Step 3: If the vehicle is within 5000 miles of their scheduled maintenance, we pull the vehicle OEM Recommended Service

Step 4: Customer is then sent a Post Card or Email with the OEM service schedule and some custom offers to incent the customer to perform work

Step 5: Customer can then choose to schedule an appointment to have your shop perform the maintenance

Step 6: Customer vehicle information is then stored and based on prior mileage history or new vehicle in your system. PISTn will send OEM service reminders to your customer throughout their vehicle’s life

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