Your Email Marketing Solution from Start to SEND!

PISTN allows your business to take full advantage of the vast potential offered by email marketing. Our Web marketing system and print package will stockpile your customers’ email addresses and our proven combination of Email marketing features will repeatedly engage them. Through PISTN’s content management system you can select offers that will automatically be sent to your entire customer database in a monthly E-Blast. Your business’ website can drive customer’s to register for the monthly E-Blasts by offering an exclusive sign up special and can heighten customer loyalty with interactive features such as Birthday Club and Customer Surveys.

Monthly Specials

Achieve higher customer retention by sending monthly emails with special offers. Select your offers for each month and let our system take care of the rest.

Email Analytics

Track statistics about your email performance through reports on the number of successful deliveries, bounces and confirmed opens.


Domain name validation using SPF, DKIM and DMARC technology ensures the highest levels of deliverability to your customers’ inbox rather than spam folders.

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