Be proactive by using the PISTn business survey feature

By using surveys routinely, you can demonstrate that you value your customer’s opinions while also gaining important information about the kinds of product, services and enhancements they might be willing to actually pay for.

Benefits of Business Surveys:

  1. Measure Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
  2. Improve Your Customer Service
  3. Allow Customer Engagement
  4. Discover Potential Product & Service Enhancements
  5. Receive Customer Data
  6. Benchmark for Development
  7. Improve Your Online Reputation

How it Works:

PISTn will customize your survey and questions and place on your PISTn local website.  Our survey program incentivizes your clients to provide feedback by offering them a special offer to fill it out. Once the survey is completed, we send your customer a special email with the offer attached and thank them for submitting their feedback.

Receiving important feedback about your clients’ experiences at your business is critical to maintaining and fostering a strong working relationship with them. Your business must listen and gather this valuable feedback to make improvements and show your customers you genuinely care about their opinions.

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