February 09, 2018

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

The advertising world has changed dramatically in the recent years and Google AdWords is one of the digital marketing options that is fueling this change.

Google commands 77 percent of search engine traffic, followed by Bing—which gets only 7 percent of search engine traffic. That’s why spending your advertising dollars on Google AdWords is a smart business decision: you want to spend your advertising dollars where your customers are searching for your services.

So how does Google AdWords work? A Google user types in a search term or string of terms into the search box, and the advertisements that match that search criteria show up on mobile devices, computers and tablets.

Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. it’s critical to set up a Google AdWords campaign properly so your advertising dollars get spent effectively. Choosing the right keyword terms, selecting the right devices and choosing the correct words for your advertisements are just a few of the important things to consider when setting up a campaign that will produce the results you want.

What are the benefits of participating in Google AdWords? Most importantly, Google AdWords puts your business in front of people that are searching for the services that you offer at the time that they need them. Unlike traditional advertising, Google AdWords is flexible, allowing us to adjust your account anytime, based on your current results so we can continue to maximize your advertising dollars. Google AdWords also allows us to track results, including the number of phone calls made to your shop and the number of coupons downloaded. PISTN also provides a quarterly report so you can compare your results with the feedback in your shop and then have PISTN make necessary changes.

It’s important to have an expert manage your Google AdWords campaign, so they are as effective as possible. There are many things to consider, given the monthly Google cost per click budget that you choose. They include: which service categories do you want to advertise, such as oil change, general auto repair, brakes, tires or others; your target radius—a three miles, five miles, seven miles around your shop or a select zip codes; or even what is your competition offering and what are you offering that separates you from your competitors? We’ll gather all this information so we can make your campaign run as effectively as possible and bring you the ROI that you are looking for.

Keywords, keywords, keywords are what drive the Google AdWords to populate.  A keyword is just a keyword unless it is set up properly. Some of the top keywords being used in the automotive repair industry include auto repair (city), auto repair near me, auto service (city), auto repair quote, brake repair near me, brake repair (city). Negative keywords can be just as important as the keywords that you choose. Since your shop most likely doesn’t offer auto repair upholstery, you wouldn’t want those keyword searches to populate your advertisement. Therefore, it’s just as critical to include negative keywords in your campaign to prevent searches like that from showing your ad.

Lastly, what makes up a good advertisement? Consumers continue to become savvier given the many options now available to them at their fingertips on the Internet. Make sure your ad stands out from your competition with a more aggressive offer. When your ad is shown amongst two competitors, what you offer will have a large impact on whether or not someone clicks on your advertisement.

Google AdWords is one of the most powerful advertising tools available today and PISTN Marketing can help you use it to drive business to your shop. For more information or questions about an existing campaign that PISTN manages for you, please contact Lauri Steeland at 248-767-0810 or [email protected].