How to write snappy headlines

August 06, 2016

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

In today’s quick-paced world, you may only have one chance to grab the attention of your customers or potential customers: your headline. Only 20 percent of the people who see your posts will read beyond the headline. And remember, your organic reach is already dropping, so even fewer people will see your post to begin... Read More

How to use Pokémon Go to attract new customers

August 05, 2016

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

Pokemon Go can deliver new customers to your business, if you play the game right. You may have noticed more people walking around, staring at their phones than ever before. Chances are, they’re not listening to music or texting their friends—they’re playing Pokemon Go, a game recently released by Niantic, a spin-off of Google, that... Read More

How to increase your email subscribers

June 30, 2016

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

Email marketing is still a very effective form of digital marketing. Use these tips to increase your list. If you want evidence that email marketing is still important, consider these statistics: Millennials, an important market segment for any business, check their email virtually anywhere and everywhere. In fact, about 70 percent of them check their email... Read More

How to find more customers online

May 02, 2016

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

If you have several different social media channels and a website, you already have the means to attract additional customers. That is, after all, the reason for creating them. Unfortunately, having an online presence doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get new customers. You have to put some work into it, and use the tools you have... Read More

Make sure your email is read, not dead

April 01, 2016

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

Email marketing is still one of the best ways for you to communicate with your customers, but you have to make sure you’re doing it the right way. Take a look at some of these real emails and see if you can guess why they’re wrong: Example #1 Subject line: Your press release Hi –... Read More

How can Kanye help your brand?

March 29, 2016

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

When Kanye West announced he was $53 million in debt, social media took the ball and ran with it. There were plenty of memes, jokes across social media platforms, outrage and, we suppose, some sympathy somewhere. There were also a few places that used the trending topic to their advantage. Enter Pizza Hut, who responded... Read More

How to climb the Search Engine ladder

March 28, 2016

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

The problem with relying on search engines to attract customers is that everybody else does the same thing. Every day, the internet grows a little bigger and more crowded, with businesses just like yours trying to compete for the same dollar. If you want someone to find your business through an Internet search, you have... Read More

Email marketing is not dead: tips for 2016

March 25, 2016

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

Do you remember in 2015 when all the marketing experts said email marketing was dead? Neither do we. Although there were some published reports that declared the time of email marketing was ending, that didn’t prove to be the case. In fact, email marketing increased slightly last year, according to some industry experts. About 74 percent of... Read More

How to get more traffic to your blog

March 24, 2016

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

Maintaining a blog can be a beneficial thing for your business. It allows you to show your expertise, offer some free advice to your customers and, sometimes, have a little fun. As a marketing tool, it is often the cherry on top of your message—if you use it correctly, that is. It can show the... Read More

How to grow your Facebook organic reach

December 28, 2015

Posted By: Scotty Spielman

If you’re not getting the kind of engagement you’d like with your Facebook page, it’s possible that not many of your followers are seeing it. It’s more than possible, in fact—it’s probable. The reach of your Facebook page has most likely been decreasing no matter what you do. That’s by design. As Facebook relies more... Read More