Facebook is now allowing user to create and modify their ads where their customers are: on mobile devices.

The social media giant unveiled additional tools for its Ad Manager app recently, putting more flexibility, literally, into the hands of marketers.

“As more and more business gets done on mobile, business owners and marketers need tools to create and manage ad campaigns on the go,” Facebook said in the statement. “These new creative tools allow you to create and edit ad images directly from the Ads Manager app, saving time and effort.”

Facebook first published a mobile Ad Manager app in 2015. The new features include:

  • Text Overlay and Text Policy Checker: This not only allows you to incorporate text within your ad, it provides different fonts and lets you adjust the text's positioning and opacity. The text policy checker lets you know if the amount of text in your ad satisfies or exceeds Facebook's guidelines.
  • Image Cropper: Just like it sounds: this feature allows you to crop images to fit in your ads and posts.
  • Templates: This is the real winner, here. Not a designer? The templates feature provides customizable ad templates. You can use stickers, text and shapes to make ad creation more efficient, and still keep your own brand identity.
  • Shapes, Stickers & Logos: Speaking of brand identity, this feature allows you to add your logo. The stickers and shapes further customize your ad and are good ways to showcase important information about your business.
  • Color Filters: The color filters will allow you to adjust the look of your ad by adding color filters.


Have you tried the new features yet? Let us know in the comments!


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