Scam Alert Domain Renewal

The Scam: Fake Domain Renewal Notice

We've received calls from several clients regarding "Domain Renewal Notice" letters they've received from a vague company claiming their domain name is up for renewal. 

The letters request payment, usually $125 to $250. The letter reads as if the sender is the current registrar. In each case, the letters are fraudulent attempts to get your money and/or control of your domain. 

The Facts
1.) If you're a PISTN customer, most likely we handle your domain renewals as part of your service.

2.) Domain renewal costs approximately $15 per year, so the companies asking for $125 - $250 are way out of line.

3.) If you did pay pay this invoice/scam letter you would definitely be out the money and possibly lose control of your domain name.

4.) If you received one of these emails or letters you can safely trash it and ignore. If you're unsure -- call us to verify at 800-742-4511.

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